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BrushPic Interview with Chelsea

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Eva: “I would like to introduce you to Chelsea McDonald from Blue Arctic Waste Solutions, they handle waste removal in the community that’s cost-effective and convenient. They have several raving, positive reviews and are a great example of how a business can and should put customer care first.”


Eva: “Chelsea, can you tell me a little bit about how this business got started?”

Chelsea: “Sure. So a couple of our partners, Bill and Harry saw an opportunity to start a roll off division and the refuse and recycling industry. Harry had connections with a couple of people and he also had a roll off truck. Billy also had connections. So we started basically with Carlisle Transportation and Taylor Restoration that got us started. Then a few years later they brought Jason on and they branched out into the commercial industry. And today we have developed into a full refuse and recycle a waste management company.”

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Eva: “What is your favorite thing about working in Alaska?”

Chelsea: “Well, Alaska is big, so there’s a lot of things to do, you know it’s a fisherman’s paradise, so there’s always something to do after work, whether you’re skiing or you’re fishing, or just simply going on a walk.”

Eva: “So, every time I’ve gone on a trash run with one of your drivers, they always like to tell me a little bit about the vehicles. Can you tell me about the different vehicles you have and their purpose?”

Chelsea: “Sure. So the truck that we started the company with is a roll-off truck. So that’s used for primarily, construction or, corporate use, warehouse use. And then we have hook trucks and those can range anywhere from smaller roll-off containers or they hook onto the front-load commercial containers and deliver, to locations that don’t need such a big dumpster. And then we have, the front load trucks, and those are the ones that you see primarily at smaller businesses and those lift up the containers that go up and over the top of the truck, we also have curbside, refuse trucks for residential curbside service. So basically they pick up the containers that you would see at your house, dump the trash and recycle.”

Eva: “How many more vehicles do you intend to have?”

Chelsea: “It just depends on how quickly we grow. So right now we’re growing at a pretty rapid rate- and we have a few more trucks on the way and hopefully we can hold the line for a little bit without having to order too many more. But as quickly as we’re growing right now, it’s hard to, but definitely a few more.”

Eva: “Will you be expanding to other areas of Alaska?”

Chelsea: “Currently we service the Anchorage municipality, Anchorage and Eagle river area. We’re not sure yet if we want to move to the Matsu Valley or up into Fairbank’s, it has been a thought, but we haven’t pulled the trigger on any of those decisions yet.”

Eva: “Do you offer customer requests such as catering to an individual outside of your normal zones?”

Chelsea: “Sometimes we will. It just depends on if another refuse company isn’t willing to do it or isn’t able to do it. We have, gone to Willow. We have gone to Sutton just because the other refuse companies that services areas were unwilling to do it. So sometimes we will.”

Eva: “What’s your favorite thing about your job?”

Chelsea: “favorite thing about my job, being so close to the partners of Blue Arctic, it’s great to see that, we’re offering a whole other opportunity and option to the community. They didn’t know that they had a choice before, so it’s great to see that we’re growing at such a rapid rate and Anchorage residents in the community are starting to realize that they actually have another option. So it’s really nice to see that people are, are rooting for the smaller local guys.”

Eva: “Can you tell me a little bit about your newest truck?”

Chelsea: “So our newest truck that’s coming in, I believe it’s going to be the first one in the city of Anchorage and it is a split body curb tender truck. So what it does is it has, half of it is designed for recycle and half of it is designed for refuse. So basically what it’s going to do is save us a lot of time and money, being that we don’t have to send out two separate trucks to go do a refuse route and a recycle route. We could send the same truck to do that same route. And so basically you’re cutting your costs in half at that point.”

Eva: “Can you tell me a little bit about your experience with working with BrushPic?”

Chelsea: “I think BrushPic is great. She’s definitely got a handle on me. So whenever she emails me, she’s sure to follow up and make sure that I got to have the time I don’t, but she definitely makes sure to take care of Blue Arctic and seems that our our Facebook page and our social media is growing and people are starting to see us a lot more.

Eva: “Could you tell me who Jason is?”

Chelsea: “Jason Is one of the partners. He has a lot of refuse experience. He actually started a refuse company or purchased one down in Seward, Alaska, and did that for several years, moved up here and was a logistics manager in the evenings, decided to start a smaller trash company. And you know, really just the experience there is big.” He is the guy that you’re gonna see running around, basically telling everyone what they’re going to be doing and how to fix the trucks. We repair all of our refuse trucks in house, and he is the refuse truck repair guru and the owner of Blue Arctic.”

Eva: “Thank you.”

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