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Creating logo for your business

Creating logo for your business

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Here are 6 elements of good logo design to help you out:

1. Make it unique.

The more unique it is, the more it sticks out from the rest and the easier it is for your customers to remember.

2. Understand your brand.

The best logos are not only unique but also incorporate aspects of the company’s values.

3. Make font your friend.

Picking a font can be trickier than you think. A fancy or gimmicky font may have a negative impact on your customer’s perception of the business and a really simple or standard font might be a missed opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

4. Color is crucial.

Different colors evoke different feelings. When you see the colour red, you might think about passion or energy. When you see the color green you might think about life or nature. What values does your company uphold? What does your brand stand for? Use color to really emphasize those.

5. Simplicity is (still) king.

The fewer design elements you use to accurately portray your company’s brand or image the more memorable your logo will be.

6. Be consistent.

Once you’ve decided on a logo that incorporates all the design elements you want (color, font, brand, originality), try not to make too many changes to it. Stick with it and give your customer a chance to get to know the image they should associate with your awesome service or product!

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