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We create beautiful, functional design & implement efficient marketing strategies for local and worldwide businesses. These services help us convert your prospects into customers.


“Quality means doing it right when no one else is looking”. At BrushPic we believe in providing quality
design and services keeping up to date on the latest trends and strategies.

BrushPic is a Digital Marketing and Design company. Our mission is to take businesses and individuals
through the development of their brand and implementation of marketing strategies.We believe in always
having beautiful & functional design no matter what the project is.

Customer Convenience

Our experienced team will help you create a platform that is suitable for your brand and convenient for your customers to use.

Increased Sales

An organic and effective method of increasing your web site and business news is through social men, growth. We offer social media packages that increases your target reach and therefore business sales.

Improved Professional Presence

Your Digital footprint speaks for you when you are nowhere to speak tor yourself. Having quality content and design your promotional materials, website and social media reinforces your brand.


3D design and development is one of our favorite things to work on,
from architectural modeling to logo animations we are able to create
photorealistic and creative visuals for our clients.
Watch this short clip with some of our projects.


Filming. editing, motion graphics and post production made to highlight our clients businesses

Our Client Website Examples

We love taking on Interesting projects and bringing Ideas to life.
View some of our latest projects below.

Our Services

We create beautiful, functional websites for local and worldwide
businesses that convert prospects into customers.


We will design n memorable brand that you will love. We always make sure to restore-hand visually brainstorm ideas to reach the best possible outcome. We offer logos, banners, flyers, business cards and more.

Website Design and Development

Designing and building business critical web apps and responsive websites is our true passion. Our teams work in concert making sure everything functions well across different browsers and screens.

3D Design

We offer accurate Photo-realistic 3D modeling and rendering of environments, props and products. We also offer animation on an as needed basis, contact us to discuss your project needs.

Social Media Marketing

We take over the task of regular content creation, visitor engagement and customized visuals on your social media. Using social media as a funnel to gain more leads and sales is a cost effective marketing strategy. We will provide you a plan of action and work towards executing it.

Content Creation

We write well-researched articles that are SEO optimized and keyword rich in order to boost your rankings. All articles contain original content, this service helps establish your company as an authority in your field.

Website Hosting

We have a number of website hosting options starting as low as $50 per year and up to 10GB SSD Storage space. All include access to cpanel with a server based in the USA.



All our websites are responsive, this means it has been optimized to be viewed on all modem devices such as large screens or mobile phones.


Ask us about our VPS hosting options!

We are happy to host your next website, please view info below to get started.


Have a look through our blog to learn something new about our clients
work process or design and marketing tips!

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