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Comprehensive Web Design & Development Services

Utilizing the latest and proven web technologies, we build web solutions that
generate growth-driven results for businesses.

Custom Web Design

We creatively design custom user experiences specific to your business requirements.

Web Development

Using WordPress we build responsive and content for websites of different sizes.


We create appealing, functional online stores with you & your customers in mind.

CMS Development

We provide a user friendly cms editor so that you can easily update content specific content without technical knowledge.

Responsive Websites

BrushPic provides consistent browsing experience across different platforms to satisfy your visitors in the site. This leads to increased engagement rates and page appreciation. Compatibility is our priority and our websites are scrutinized across all relevant platforms as part of the design process. We use whitespace as an amplifier to help readers focus on content. We ensure that padding and margins do not disappear on smaller screens. Font sizes and line spacing are adjusted to the relative amount of whitespace on screen. We do image optimization as well to make sure that loading time is at its shortest.

Custom Web Design

Websites are uniquely designed to your business needs whether it be a simple website design or an E-Commerce website. We build dynamic web designs that will help generate traffic and leads for  our business. We only use the latest codes to build your website and all are mobile responsive, so your  website will work across all mobile and tablet devices.

We believe that you cannot build a great website without knowing the business. So we make sure that we understand your business inside and out and create an amazing website design. We understand  that you want an easy to update website but at the same time having the professional look with  minimal time and effort. We know that your brand reflects your business, so we achieve strong and  effective brand identities that leave a lasting impression. We design and build your website, but we also aim for your website to be at the top of its ratings and receives a high flow of constant traffic resulting in sales.

Web Development

Your website should be more than just an online brochure. It should create leads, drive sales and encourage repeat visits. We allow you to offer the best products and services in the business and create  content that regularly captivates your audience. Your customers will be able to fill out your enquiry form or easily pay for your must-have merchandise and or services, thus, heightening your aims and reputation. Consumers will have an easy time on your navigation, responsiveness and design.

E-Commerce Solutions

Businesses are offered with customized appearance of their own brand logo and colors. The site is guaranteed to look great and function flawlessly on all devices. Solutions include working with payment, shipping, accounting, and other solutions. Customer experience is also optimized with add-ons that make the business profitable in the long run.

BrushPic offers distinct advantages. By relying on us, you are guaranteed to leave your hardest work in good hands. You can expect that uptime be fast and count on large bandwidth for store traffic. You can offer your customers the highest security protocols and make online sales even more seamless than in store.

Most importantly, BrushPic provides multi-channel solutions with the versatility you need to maintain sales and loyal customers.

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