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Graphics in Movement

BrushPic is passionate about creating product visualizations, explaining how products work, showing the benefits, and presenting it in the right way to your audience. We do everything starting from vision and script. Motion graphics is a fun and creative way to tell your story. This may be an ideal option for you. In order to determine the best course, westart off with a consultation to get familiar with your ideas  and proceed with the very first step, creating pre-design content: Mood Boards, Storyboards, and more. We schedule every milestone and make you a part of it, every step of the way. Working efficiently and seeing real business goals behind the beautiful design is our main goal. Add organizational approach, knowledge of combo 2d/3d, and fast turnaround – That’s the BrushPic promise!

Why use motion graphics?

Creative video work shouldn’t just be pretty, but effective in achieving your goals! BrushPic Videos help your brand promote products, simplify the explanation of complex services, bring back customer attention, ease audience buying decision process, teach and guide new users and help you earn more sales. We guarantee not only creative and unique content, but also customer-oriented, reasonable, and effective videos. To create video content that is relevant to your needs, we will engage in a mutually open process where your feedback and our strategy will drive the creative decisions we make towards creating effective video & animation content. If you want to take your marketing efforts to the next level, publish an online course, or just grow your online presence, video is the way to go, and working with us, we assure you: People will notice.

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