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Professional businesses always have a strong brand design and direction. A companies brand
is not only about the visual design and aesthetic but also a reflection on the company
message, mission and culture. When a company has a strong brand design and direction
it allows people to relate and remember the product or service.

Our Brand Development & Design Process

The process we use at BrushPic is highly targeted towards company goals and ideals. If an overall goal is to ‘sell a affordable shoes to a middle age women’ then we start off with research into that market from the individual we are targeting, to the existing products on the market and any other details pertaining to the business. Each step in production is crafted towards our clients goals and handled with care. Contact us for a consultation on your brand design or redesign.


Each project starts with market research in order to get a good idea of existing designs, latest trends, successful brands in your field and the desired strategy.


The brainstorming phase allows us to get all of our ideas out into visuals in order to reach the most ideal concept for further development.


This is where we shine! Carefully crafting a final design based off the previous steps. A project is only complete when our clients love the design!


Depending on the project the next step is development here we use technical or other skills in order to produce the desired product.

We Help You Create A Successful Brand With Over 10 Years Of
Experience In The Brand Design Industry


Logo Design

A logo is a customer’s first impression of your brand, and it should be unforgettable.

BrushPic logo designs are created with your target audience in mind! We provide several opportunities for you to review our process work making sure that you choose the most ideal logo and be a part of its evolution. Our promise is to create a custom logo design you’ll love!

:heavy_check_mark: Original, highly creative, and conceptual design depicting the brand’s message
:heavy_check_mark: Transparent and High-Resolution Image Types
:heavy_check_mark: All Types of Source Files
:heavy_check_mark: Exclusive, Friendly, and Prompt Customer Support
:heavy_check_mark: Full Ownership of the Logo Design

At Brushpic, our logo design process ensures the final result is that of high quality and identifiable. We strive to keep our logo work Simple, Relevant, Memorable, Timeless, and Versatile.


Website Design

A company’s website is your storefront to the world and a key piece in a companies brand identity and marketing. We make sure that the design and function work well together. When working on the design we pay close attention to what our clients would like to say and also what our visitors may perceive in order to implement the right design.
Understanding what your call to action will help guide your visitor to the service or product they need within your business, we help our clients with the process by providing suggestions in the design based on market research. A good web design reinforces your brand, improves credibility and helps keep your leads on your page.

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