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Innovative Strategies Industries are Adopting Due to Covid19

Innovative Strategies Industries are Adopting Due to Covid19

Innovative Strategies Industries are Adopting Due to Covid19 1000 757 Michael Okai

It’s just one month and the corona virus pandemic has already overwhelmed many healthcare systems around the world. As if that wasn’t enough, almost every other industry has been crippled due to the virus and there’s no end in sight for the lockdown. However, while it might seem like everything has stopped, it’s important to remember that covid19 will pass and this is not a time that one should get too apathetic.

But what exactly does this mean?

Well, it means that things might feel uncertain right now but this is also a time when digital marketing strategies are being used to take back control. In other words, this is not the time for waiting to see what happens but rather to think differently and implement strategies that will place your business in a better position moving forward. In this article I will highlight two out of many industries that have shown that kind of innovation.

  1. The Restaurant Industry; A New approach to an existing system.

Innovation is all about new methods and innovators always try to look at situations differently to come up with ideas others cannot. For some, this might mean a revolutionary product but for others, this can also be just a new way of doing things.

Crush Wine Bistro in Anchorage, Alaska has offered a “Take n’ Bake” service to locals and an online order process for quick and easy meals. Through the “Take n’ Bake” service offered, the restaurant prepares and sells uncooked meals to customers, who then cook these meals in the comfort of their own home. In this case, customers simply drive downtown and park up near the store where they can grab and go in just a few minutes. What’s more, Crush also assures customers of reserved parking spaces through EasyPark and even more convenience at the bottle shop next door. While this is something entirely new for the business, “Take n’ Bake” has enabled Crush to keep the ball rolling and provide a valuable service during covid19.

It would seem like Crush was also ahead of the game with this one by bringing exposure to their business through adaptation. Another notable adaptation in the food industry was adopted by the fried chicken restaurant Yonder called the “Yonder’s Pandemic Pantry” in Portland, Oregon.

They have created a special page on their their website offering some of their signature spices not normally for sale such as their house made chicken stock and their pint of bread & butter zucchini pickles. That people can order and receive on the same day.

  1. The Real Estate Industry- 3D Rendering and Virtual Staging

Most buyers and real estate agents are currently stuck inside. It’s a challenging time for people that wish to sell their homes or buy property. However, many companies such as Compass Realtors are quickly adapting and sharing homes via a virtual tour.They recently implemented a virtual agent service which enables technology to show homes as well as communicate to clients.

Virtual environments are nothing new for us at BrushPic but restructuring a business with these tools to ‘stay in the game’ is extremely valuable. Not only can 3D rendering be used for virtual staging but it can also be used to show an interactive walkthrough of a space that exists or does not yet exist. There are many options for creating a virtual tour of an existing space. See this simple and useful guide.

With this in mind, sellers and real estate agents are using these tools and methods to enable potential buyers to take a look inside the properties. In fact, Berril Properties insists that virtual staging is the way of the future regardless of the covid19 situation.


  1. Age old methods- Focusing on Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction


During this time of great uncertainty, there is an increased need for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. That is to say, there might not be any bookings right now but taking this proactive approach can at least help serve the wider community, while keeping their brand name and reputation intact during the pandemic.

For instance, many personal trainers and gyms such as Planet fitness are offering free at home workout classes. This support shows customer care that goes above and beyond what they have to do, therefore maintaining loyalty.

There is always a cost involved when going above and beyond but investing in some or all these areas could help bridge the gap between the supplier and the consumer.

Final Thoughts

As with any digital marketing strategy, it’s important to focus on retaining your current customer base especially during the current pandemic. That being said, this is also an opportunity to gain even more traction with your target market with new and innovative strategies. After that, it’s all about measuring and improving your strategy, while keeping in mind that everything comes to an end – even Covid19.

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