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What are the different types of Facebook Ads and how can it help boost your sales today?

What are the different types of Facebook Ads and how can it help boost your sales today? 2560 1770 Michael Okai

Facebook Advertising has helped tons of businesses reach their audience in an easier way. Since almost everyone is using this platform today, creating campaigns and investing here might just be your way to hit your target.


But first you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are the people that you are targeting?
  • How much budget can you invest in advertising every month?
  • Do you have appropriate materials to work with?
  • Are your materials properly optimized for mobile phones and tablets?


With BrushPic, we make sure that you attract customers into your businesses with solutions in creating strong Facebook Campaigns. We guarantee that your ads are progressively tailored to reach maximum impressions based on your monthly budget.

To get things started, here are a few samples of each Facebook Ad Type that you may come across:



Succinct and Impactful. Image ads should be direct to the point and show emotion to be noticed by the audience. It can be happiness because they found your product / service. It can also be about frustration due to a need that you can offer like this one.


Image ads draw people in when they are unique, specific and use professional images. This is ideal in promoting a specific product or service as the material should not look cluttered. Use of this ad type can create a lasting impression depending on how your craft your visuals.


Advantages of using this ad type: Loads quickly and does not need much time for the audience to understand the message. This is helpful because people are getting a shorter attention span as technology evolves.



Videos are one of the best strategies to command attention from your audience. Simple and short videos allow your audience to experience more of what your business is about, what you can offer to them and how it can help create solutions for their needs. 


If there is speech or music in your video, keep in mind that adding subtitles will greatly help your audience absorb your content quickly. This is because most people who browse on Facebook have their sound muted on their devices.


The downside is videos load longer than photos and if the user’s internet is a bit slow, you might lose their attention. If the video is too long, simple notifications can also distract your audience in finishing the video.



Carousel Ads usually consist of 3 to 5 images that the user can browse through. It’s a bit edgier than a one-photo ad because if the audience is interested, they can click next to see what the other photos are about. It gives them a bit of interaction and leeway to decide if they will use your product or service and click on your ads.


It’s easier to do than Video since you just have to compile a few photos and voila, you are all set. Carousel ads also load faster than video ads- this can lessen interest fallouts.


 The downside is that there are people who would rather see all the content in one blow than clicking the next button. This is what the next ad type is for.



Carousel slideshow Ads are a lot easier to do than videos since this won’t require manual creation, but will still load like a video. All you have to do is upload photos that you want to include in the ad, click the slideshow option in the format and Facebook will automatically show you a preview on how it’s going to look like. You can even choose what type of animation you want to use for your photos.


As we mentioned earlier, this format is ideal for people who don’t like clicking next to see your succeeding content. Just in case they don’t like the first photo on your video, there’s a chance they will like the next ones as the video plays out. One disadvantage is it loads slower than photos.



Lead Generation forms are effective in getting new leads for your business. Contact details such as name, email address and mobile number may be asked from your audience. With this, you can reach out to leads and close the sale. Keep in mind that some people are sensitive in giving their mobile numbers and contact details so we recommend asking for an email address instead.




Since Instagram is now owned by Facebook, your ads will also be shown on this platform as well. It is ideal that you have an Instagram account to make sure that when the audience clicks your Ad there, they will be directed to your profile in the same app.


You should also connect your Facebook page to your Instagram Page to make sure that your content and ads are all aligned.



Shop now buttons can be added to the ads as well. Instead of having to message your page or have them manually search for your site, you can directly include a product / service into your ad that will bring them to the exact site page where you want them to go.


This makes it easier for your audience to browse what your offer is all about and the details they would need to know to make a purchase.




Not an ad type, but all ads and even your page itself is provided with analytics on how your efforts are reaching people. This includes the following:

  • Post or Ad reach: The number of people who have seen your material
  • Story Reach: The number of people who have seen your story may be boosted or not.
  • Post Engagement: The number of people who reacted, commented, clicked and shared your post
  • Videos: Number of people who played your videos for more than 3 seconds
  • Page Followers: Number of New followers gained by your page
  • All statistics come with increase or decrease percentages against the previous period too.


Whatever Facebook Ad format you have in mind, we guarantee that the materials we will be using for your business are interesting and will leave a lasting impression on your audience! 

Schedule your FREE consultation with us and we’ll be right there with you!


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