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5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies for Small and Big Businesses Alike

5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies for Small and Big Businesses Alike 2560 1707 Michael Okai


Holidays are associated with gift giving and it presents an opportunity for your business! Valentine’s Day is no exception.

Let’s take a look at some of the Valentine’s Day marketing techniques you can use to tap into the holiday spending mood:

  1. Think Outside the Box
  2. Create Special Valentine’s Packages
  3. Create Daily Deals and Time-Sensitive Offers
  4. Tailor your Ads
  5. Run a contest on Social Media


Think outside the box

Candies? Flowers? Jewelries? Those are not the only things that can be gifted on Valentine’s! Whatever your product is, you can always make a way to capitalize it for Valentine’s Day.

Customized branding even for products that are not usually thought of for Valentine’s Day is just what you need to make it work. 

The best part? They will be bought in pairs 🙂


For Financial Services, you can create a Valentine’s Couple Budget Challenge, providing teaching resources for young couples looking to promote financial literacy.

The program can be based on simulations of real-life financial challenges faced by young adults. You should be able to highlight how financial freedom can be attained as a couple through the services that you offer.


Towels are probably not high on your list when it comes to Valentine’s, but it does not mean that it can just be set aside this holiday!

Here’s a Valentine’s Day email example — subject line, “*NEW* Gift sets for you and your partner — this allows customers to buy not just one, but two towels as a set 🙂


Create Special Valentine’s Packages

Having couples pampered and relaxed is one of the best gifts that you can offer this Valentine’s Day!

For Spa and Massage Therapists, you may customize Valentine’s packages by putting together services that highlight the couple’s relaxation.

Since people would want to look their best for Valentine’s Day, you may offer a makeover package that will include treatments such as facial, body scrubs and the like.

But don’t forget the singles! Not everyone is partnered up for Valentine’s Day so have some offers that are focused on having a me time instead 🙂


Create Daily Deals and Time-Sensitive Offers.  

Create sale offers with a countdown timer. Customers are more pushed to make quick purchases if they feel that they have a limited time to decide.

You can even switch up your daily offers with different products! This is great for audience recall too.

For restaurants, you can offer a couple of meal packages at discounted rates. You may also opt to include free desserts or glasses of wine 🙂 

Just make sure to highlight that it should be purchased within your given time limit to create a sense of urgency.


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Tailor your Ads

Come on, we all know that people are going to be searching for ideas on what to give this Valentine’s. Why not ensure that your products are highly ranked in the search results?

Start a marketing campaign with specific and trending keywords that are appropriate for Valentine’s!


For Insurance Agents, ​​use keywords that are timely and at the same time, emotional. Use headlines like “Want a unique way to show your better half an unconditional love? Give the gift that lasts for a lifetime – life insurance!”

Then explain in the caption why this unique gift is worth looking at. You can say “I know what will instantly pop into your head. Life Insurance? That doesn’t sound very romantic to me. Oh, but it is. Why? Because it makes pennies produce dollars that your family will be needing the most.

And if you want to really show your unconditional love, the best gift you can give is the certainty that should something unfortunate happen to you, your family will be financially secure.”


Run a contest on Social Media

Social Media Contests are fun and can spark engagement from your audience!

For veterinarians, pet parents can win gift vouchers for your services. Post on Social Media asking your followers to complete the sentence ‘I love my pet because ______ ‘ and ask them to use a special hashtag you made for this promo. Then pick the winners on Valentine’s day!


For make-ups, a “Show your Valentine’s Day Look” contest on Social Media is perfect! Let your audience join your contest by having them showcase the look that they will do for Valentine’s. Ask them to include in the caption why your products are perfect for their look and add the hashtag that is specific for this campaign.

We hope that Valentine’s Day will set the high tone of your business for the rest of the year by gathering purchasing habits data and using it to create more customized ideas!

Your relationship with your customers is on a group basis, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make the conversations feel one-on-one.

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