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BrushPic Interview with Bayinna Kerah

BrushPic Interview with Bayinna Kerah

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Eva: “I would like to introduce Bayinna Kerah. Bayinna is the owner of Diamond VIP Services, providing an an amazing experience for Alaskans, attending big and small local events.”

Eva: “So Bayinna, what made you get started in this business?”

Bayinna: “Truthfully I wanted to go and see a concert. I wanted to go see Twista in concert. I didn’t have the money to pay for it and because I have a relationship with the promoter. I asked her if I provided the Red Carpet Service, If I could enjoy the concert and have some extra tickets for me and my friends.”

Eva: “So do you think Fashion is a big part of the red carpet experience?”

Bayinna: “Not so much in Alaska. I do know that as far as Alaska is concerned when they think of red carpet, the first thing that comes to mind is the Oscars, the Grammys but we don’t live in LA. So my idea was to promote the Fashions at step onto the red carpet, but not let that be the focus because some people come to events and you know Carhartts and Wranglers and that’s Alaskan Fashion. We dress not only for style or not for style first, we dress for warmth and for the elements first and sometimes that means putting on a pair of snow boots to get to the where you need to be and if you’re like me your knees cannot handle, you know, 4 hours of high heels!”

Eva: “So did you manage to go to that Twista event?”

Bayinna: “I did I did, it was an amazing event. Pretty much what ended up happening was Twista ended up taking over my red carpet and I barely even got to host on it. But the he was happy the client was happy and I got to hear him sing one of my favorite songs and make you a celebrity overnight. So, you know, I feel like that was a good starting point for me.”

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[media_video url=”″ width=”500″ height=”400″ __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”2003e8914ecef6cc4c11c5cb7d01830a” _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/media_video]Eva: “Okay, tell me about the beauty Mirror?”

Bayinna: “The Instaglam Beauty Mirror Smart Booth. Well, I’ve had my red carpet experience business Diamond VIP Services, It’s been in business for about 4 years now. Although we have gained a lot of momentum and we have expanded our brand to include many other Industries and we have really great clients. I still didn’t feel that there was a fast enough to turn around. So I invested in a basically a Photobooth on steroids! It is a Photobooth that looks like a large round mirror and when you interact with it, it interacts with you, it tells you to take picture, it tells you to strike a pose, you can share via email or your Facebook or Twitter. There’s so many things that you can do with it. We’re just barely scratching the surface right now.”

[media_video url=”” width=”300″ height=”200″ __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”9c78f396171d9b86f4263b1b78f00dc0″ _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/media_video]Eva: “What’s the best thing about your job?”

Bayinna: “The best thing about my job, probably all of the faces ,all the smiling faces that you know, I see when I’m not on the red carpet and they see me out and they tell me how they felt upon entering an event and how it really made them feel like they were not in Alaska and made them feel like they were celebrities and they just didn’t feel like they were going to another event. The other thing too is having my own schedule and being able to know I have a business that people appreciate and gives them some self-confidence no matter what they’re wearing no matter their Alaska fashion, no matter you know, if it’s at the Eagan center or the Dena’ina center or at a park.”

Eva: “It seems like community is a big part of your mission, can you tell me more about this?

Bayinna: “Well aside from being in business for the last four years, I’ve lived in Anchorage for the last 20 years and because of the people that I’ve met throughout the years and knowing all of those people, I got access to different opportunities from going fishing, to going camping, hunting. I mean minor things in comparison to most things that people have done in Alaska, but for me, it was just about meeting new people and I guess that’s how I’ve always been. I’ve always been interested in, hearing the stories of other people, sharing my story and just connecting and meeting and just trying to learn as much as I can about where I’m at. You know, who I’m there with and what I can do to make the community, sparkle and shine.”

Eva: “Do you see yourself taking Diamond VIP Services outside of Alaska?”

Bayinna: “I see that every single day. I don’t mean like taking like going somewhere. I mean with our current expansion. I would like to see diamond on a bigger stage on a national stage where you know Diamond VIP Services is celebrating Alaskan lifestyle Arts entertainment, Outdoors, travel, just everything and that’s really the way I’m going right now.”

Eva: “If you could meet your Idol, who would that be?”

Bayinna: “Josephine Baker.”

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Bayinna: “Because I kind of see myself in her a lot and I know that she had a very sad story, but it was also a story of Triumph and growth and lots of love. She adopted a bunch of different kids from all different backgrounds and it was her rainbow family and she never accepted someone to help her sustain that and I think that’s the tragic part of it, is that she she died alone, she was homeless… It’s a tragic story, but I would love to meet her and I really would I think that if I can meet her she would give me some great pointers of what not to do, I’m not going to be adopting a whole bunch of kids, but you never know!”

Eva: “What keeps you so motivated?”

Bayinna: “I feel like I might as well just use what I got and trust that God is going to open up the doors and I think my faith is what keeps me motivated and my fiancé he definitely helps with that, and the support from the community that I have really keeps me motivated and also hearing from my advisers and my team, things that I can improve on how I can be better, those type of things motivate me.”

Eva: “Are there any events, we should have Lookout for coming in the end of the year or next year in 2020?”

Bayinna: “Well, I will tell you about some stuff coming up in 2020. That’s really exciting. First, in December we have Trich Productions is having a fundraiser for the ski talk which they’re building out in Hatcher’s pass a ski area and Resort. In January, we got the 6th annual Alaska hip hop and R&B awards and we will be hosting a red carpet for that media series is coming up really soon. We’ll be shooting first episode for that tomorrow. So I’m really excited and the biggest thing that’s going to be happening in 2020 is the Great Alaskan cannabis Bowl which will be a three-day event out at Beauty Settler’s Bay. It will have overnight camping all three days. The solstice Festival, in Fairbanks is a weekend festival. And for that diamond VIP Services would be the hostess of the VIP tent that will be really great because I started my life in Alaska in Fairbanks and I’ll never forget when I was there. I had the opportunity to make a commercial for Terry’s liquor. I don’t drink anymore. But when I think about that, you know when I was in Fairbanks, first time ever being in Fairbanks and I get this opportunity to do a commercial. I’m just like wow, so if I’m able to shoot the solstice and host that VIP section that would kind of make things full circle for me and it would be confirmation that I’m supposed to be here.”

Eva: “Can you tell me something great about last year’s cannabis bowl event? What was your highlight at the event?”

Bayinna: “Well, the great thing about the Cannabis ball is that I was completely in my element. I was able to produce some quality media footage, get some really awesome interviews with some very well-known celebrities and local vendors and it was really great. This year the GACB 2020 is going to be off the chain because they have not only hired me again, but they have also extended the festival to make it three days. They’ve included camping and the VIP tent is going to be open all night and when it closes there’s another area, you know, so it’s just going to be a really beautiful time.”

Eva: “Thank you, do you have anything to add?”

Bayinna: “I just want to say, thank you to BrushPic for all the work that you do for me and all of your assistance. I’m sure, I am positive that the reason why I’m sitting right here is because of all of the wonderful things you have done to make my business look better online and have a stronger engagement and I appreciate that and also I just want to thank my diamond VIP Services Co-teammates, Ichiban love and Tim and of course David Foster my editor and I just I just want to thank God for having the opportunity to live my best life and be myself.”

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