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BrushPic Interview with Michael King

BrushPic Interview with Michael King

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I would like to introduce you to Michael King. Michael is the owner of Style Lab Alaska , he provides a range of services from Yoga lessons, Interior design services to Real estate services, and skincare.”

Eve: “Living a well rounded life seems to be at the core of you and your business, What did it take to reach this point?”

Michael: “Well, you know, that’s an excellent question, because I really arrived at this point just as a result of all the different experiences that I have had personally and professionally. And I was trying to figure out a way where I could have a house or a place, if you will, where someone can learn about all the different things that I have available to you, whether it’s for interior design, whether it’s for personal styling, whether it’s for finding out where I am teaching yoga. And so that’s what style lab really is. It’s it is literally a lab and it is your one stop shop for a number of things related to your personal well-being.”

Eva: “Why did you decide on the name Style Lab Alaska? Are you open to work with people outside of Alaska?”

Michael: “Oh, absolutely. I think Alaska carries a fascinating idea in the minds of people worldwide. And so Alaska, because of its ruggedness, because of its outdoorsyness, because of its clean fresh air is very desirable. And so I wanted to create a brand around desire and desirable. And by having Alaska in my name Style Lab Alaska, it’s just denoting that this is where I’ve started this business. However, it could happen anywhere in the world.”

Eva: “Some people wouldn’t associate outdoors to style. What is your take on something like a holistic lifestyle in combination with fashion or actually having a sense style?”

Michael: “Well, actually, a lot of design is driven by ideas that come from nature. So whether it’s a fashion designer that’s inspired by flowers in a meadow, whether it’s the color of the water that inspires a collection of paint, whether it’s the way that leaves rustle, that maybe inspires a musician to want to recreate that in a concert. I think all of those things kind of embody the idea around what style lab Alaska is, because when I work with someone, I want them to feel like it’s an organic process, not that it’s contrived or that I’m sticking something on them or putting something in a room that just doesn’t make sense. It needs to be natural and feel right. So I think that’s the piece about the Alaska that I’m looking to really solidify with Style Lab Alaska. Yes, style is involved. Yes. We’re going to come together with a bunch of different ideas and we’re literally going to try experiment until we get the right combination. And we’re gonna do it the Alaskan way. We’re going to incorporate organic natural ideas in the process.”

Eva: “How does real estate work in line with your other services. How do they go together or do they not go together?”

Michael: “They do go together because that’s been my primary career focus for almost the last decade. And so often times people come to me with a real estate need to purchase or sell their home.”

Michael: “And then in that process, they may need some help in paint colors and furniture placement, whether it’s just to make the house as pretty as possible for selling or whether they’re acquiring the house and they want to improve upon the environment in which they call home. Then it may go to, you know what, you really helped me really create a really nice environment in my house. Can you help me with my wardrobe? Yeah, I can help you with your wardrobe. Oh, you have an issue with dry skin. OK. Well, I have some products that might be able to help you because I am a consultant with Rodan and Fields. And so, yes, I want to be able to solve as many problems as I can for my clients, whether it’s skin care, whether it’s a home, whether it’s interior design, whether it’s that they need to improve their health through yoga. All those things I can do.”

Eva: “So what is the best thing about being a yoga instructor?”

Michael: “You know; I think the best thing about being a yoga instructor is seeing the transformative process that happens in an individual or individuals. When I’m teaching a class in just an hour, because you can go in and maybe not be feeling at the top of your game or a little tired. Yoga. It’s all about breathing and stretching your body and strengthen your body and using the natural flexibility that you have and your breath to be able to gain more mobility, more strength. And I think that’s what I love about it the most, is just seeing that transformation that happens in just an hour and then the compounding effect of that over time.”

Eva: “So how many times should a beginner go to yoga per week?”

Michael: “Well, at least a couple of times a week. Ideally, you’re going three times a week, maybe a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. And if you can make it a couple of times a week, that would be great, because you as you start to get more familiar with the different poses. Or what we call in yoga, Yoga Asana and how you get into and out of them and what they’re called in English, what they’re called in Sanskrit. And then it just becomes a natural process for you as the individual.”

Eva: “I read that the mantra Om is the sound of the universe. Do you believe in including mantras to your yoga sessions? And how does that relate to someone who does not know what certain things mean?”

Michael: “Absolutely. I do think that it’s important to include Mantra in yoga. Yoga and Mantra are there are different aspects of the same thing. And so therefore I like to actually say Mantras at the end of my yoga class. It’s not required for people to say the mantra with me. So even if you don’t know the mantra, you can still be affected by the mantra.”

Eva: “Who is your biggest role model when it comes, I suppose the favorite aspects of your work?”

Michael: “My biggest role model when it comes to their favorite aspect of my work. So in yoga, it’s definitely my meditation teacher, Swami Ravi Rudaw, who is actually out of Asheville, North Carolina. I have learned so much and grown so much from him and everything that I learned from him. I then translate and transmute and put into my practice when I’m teaching about yoga or about breath or about meditation. Most definitely.”

Eva: “Do you continuously learn from him or did you spend some time where you got some specific lessons?”

Michael: “I continuously learn from him. I’m actually in a process right now where I’m going to continue to learn from him over the next two and a half years.”

Eva: “Can you tell me about the course that you’ll be taking?”

Michael: “Yes. So one of the things that I thought was an excellent fit for the style lab brand was being able to provide corporate and personal etiquette training for executives and for just individuals that maybe want to brush up on their own personal polish. So, for example, maybe you’ve been promoted into an upper level management position. You know, you’re going to be traveling to, say, Japan, but you’re not very familiar with the customs of Japan. Well, I’m going to be certified to be able to provide training to you as the individual on how you present a business card, how you address a Japanese business person. What are the protocols in a Japanese dinner? Do you know how to use chopsticks? I can show you how to do these things. And so I’m actually going to be attending the Protocol School of Washington in Washington, D.C. I’ll be going through a certification process there. And then I will be certified to be able to teach protocol worldwide so that I am very, very excited about it. And I’ll be doing that in the fall. And you can look to see a lot more about this development with the Style Lab, Alaska business and brand here in the near future.”

Eva: “What was the last gift you gave someone?”

Michael: “The last gift I gave someone was on Valentine’s Day. I actually wrote a poem and videoed it and sent it to them and wished them a Happy Valentine’s Day. He is my Valentine and name is Stevie and he lives in England and he loves when I do these kinds of little things for him. And so I made him his own personal poem for Valentine’s Day.”

Eva: “What is your methodology when it comes to personal styling?”

Michael: “You know, so my methodology when it comes to personal styling. We’ll start with an assessment of your existing wardrobe and we’ll literally go in your closet. And I’m going to ask you some questions about what things appeal to you and why they appeal to you. And then I’m going to ask you, once we do that, what do you want to accomplish in an update of your wardrobe and your personal style? And then from there, we’re actually going to do some shopping in some local stores and then some shopping online. And some of the things I will be there with you and some of the things you will do on your own, especially online, because you ultimately want to get to the point where you can cultivate your own personal style from a place of confidence. And then related to that is I’m going to find where your point of nervousness is in terms of how much risk you want to take in style. And we’re going to take one step beyond that. It was often said by a designer, and I wish I could remember who it was. She said, if you work on design and style is a part of that, if it’s not making you a little bit nervous, you’re going to be underwhelmed with the finished product.”

Michael: “And that is so true in both design and in styling. You have to kind of go beyond where you feel most comfortable. Just a little bit. Not a lot, because when you do that, that’s when the style really pops. That’s when your character really gets personified and modified and exemplified by what you chose in that little pop of color. Maybe you wouldn’t have chosen a fuchsia tie. You would have chosen a red tie. But then with fuchsia tie it, you will notice that people are complimenting you on how you look, which in in turn makes you feel more comfortable, competent about what you’re doing. And that’s where my role is. It’s to help you get to that point. You know, I’m not so sure about that. And I’ll say yes, just give this a try. There’s no harm in giving it a try. And then we’ll play see where we can find that balance between where you’re comfortable and where you can go a little bit beyond that design idea and create something that’s completely new. But it’s also exactly a part of who and what you want to represent.”

Eva: “Yeah, that sounds very insightful because, Real growth comes from getting out of your comfort zone.

Michael: “Exactly.”

Eva: “Comes from. Discovering a new part of yourself, through that.”

Eva: “Any style tips?”

Michael: “Yes. Black belt, black shoes. Brown belt, brown shoes. Burgundy belt, burgundy shoes. If you’re a man, those are three style basics. Foundation for women. Less makeup is always better than way too much makeup. You want to keep it fresh and light. And if you’re not sure about something, there’s always great consultants that can help at the makeup and beauty counters at any cosmetics place. And so, yeah, those are the two style tips I’m gonna leave out today.”

Eva: “What was your experience working with BrushPic and how did this help your brand?”

Michael: “Oh, BrushPic made my brand what it is today, without a doubt. I wouldn’t have what I have in terms of the following of the raving fans that are on my social media and the overall look of the brand without BrushPic. It was very easy to work with BrushPic. I was able to articulate kind of what I wanted and what the feel of it was like. And the process and the progress was pretty remarkable and the speed with which things went from concept to completion. So yeah, I would highly recommend BrushPic and I have been recommending BrushPic to people that need new Websites, that need design, any kind of graphic design or for individuals that just need to figure out, you know, my Website is here. I already have one, but it’s not doing X, Y and C. So to help with those enhancements as well.”

Eva: “Thank you.”

Michael: “You’re welcome.”

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