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Amplify Your Brand’s Online Presence in Anchorage, Alaska

Amplify Your Brand’s Online Presence in Anchorage, Alaska 1000 667 Ohenewa Anno

The captivating landscapes of Anchorage, Alaska, may lead people to forget how busy things actually are over here! Businesses are thriving and seeking to establish a strong online presence. By staying informed about the preferences, trends, and challenges faced by businesses in Anchorage, you can tailor your online presence to effectively connect with your target audience. Consider factors such as local consumer behavior, cultural nuances, and industry-specific demands to position your brand strategically in the Anchorage market. BrushPic is a leading media design company specializing in web design services tailored to the unique needs of Anchorage-based businesses. Save time and schedule a free consultation:

In this article, we will explore how building or redesigning your website can empower businesses in Anchorage to amplify their brand’s online presence, connect with their target audience, and drive remarkable growth in this dynamic market.

Understanding Anchorage’s Digital Landscape

Navigating Anchorage’s digital landscape requires a deep understanding of the local market. By staying informed about the preferences, trends, and challenges faced by businesses in Anchorage, you can tailor your online presence to effectively connect with your target audience. Consider factors such as local consumer behavior, cultural nuances, and industry-specific demands to position your brand strategically in the Anchorage market.

Unleashing the Power of Visually Stunning Websites

Captivating visuals leave a lasting impression on visitors. By investing in visually stunning website design, you can engage and captivate your audience from the moment they land on your site. Consider incorporating eye-catching graphics, appealing color schemes, and intuitive layouts that align with your brand’s identity. A visually striking website will enhance your brand’s credibility and help you stand out in the competitive Anchorage business landscape.

Embracing Responsive Design for Optimal User Experience

With the prevalence of mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across different screen sizes is paramount. Embrace responsive design principles to optimize your website’s performance on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. A mobile-friendly website enhances user satisfaction and encourages visitors to stay longer, explore your offerings, and take desired actions. By prioritizing responsive design, you demonstrate your commitment to providing an optimal user experience to your Anchorage audience.

Customized Solutions Aligned with Brand Identity

Your brand is unique, and your website should reflect that. Customized web design solutions that align with your brand’s identity are essential for establishing a cohesive online presence. Work with a web design company that takes the time to understand your brand values, goals, and target audience. By infusing your website with personalized elements that showcase your brand’s personality and values, you create a memorable and authentic online experience for your Anchorage customers.

Driving Growth Through Strategic Web Design

Beyond visual appeal, BrushPic’s web design services are strategically crafted to drive business growth. With a focus on user experience, intuitive navigation, and seamless functionality, BrushPic’s websites are designed to convert visitors into customers. By optimizing the website’s performance, usability, and search engine visibility, BrushPic empowers Anchorage businesses to attract more organic traffic, generate leads, and achieve tangible results.

In Anchorage, Alaska, BrushPic stands as a leading website design and development company, dedicated to empowering local businesses to thrive in the digital realm. Through their exceptional web design services, BrushPic helps Anchorage businesses amplify their brand’s online presence, engage their target audience, and drive remarkable growth. Embrace BrushPic’s expertise and unlock the full potential of your brand in Anchorage’s digital landscape.

What Makes a Good Website: Principles of Good Web Design

What Makes a Good Website: Principles of Good Web Design 2560 1997 Michael Okai

What Makes a Good Website: Principles of Good Web Design (5 Top Examples)


No single aspect of Marketing is more important than a quality website. This is your organisation’s front door. A good website can break through. It can also convert users into engaged customers and brand ambassadors. 

Thousands of pre-made templates and themes make creating a website easy. If all you want is a simple website that looks professional enough to give business a start. 

But to differentiate in today’s competitive landscape, you need a website as unique as you are.

Well Designed and Functional

Your site reflects your company. This shows your products and services. Most importantly, your brand. So it’s essential to be visually appealing.

  • Keep it polished and professional.
  • Allow white space to be seen.
  • Include uncluttered layouts.
  • Also focus on quality photographs and graphics.

This will allow your message to shine through.

Equally important, the site must work quickly and correctly. Always build to web standards and proofread rigorously. Also test regularly for problems with speed or functionality. Every page should always be fast and functional. This is because any visitor could be a customer’s first or only impression. Broken, slow, or poorly constructed areas are a big no. It will leave your visitors frustrated and encourage them to leave.


Simplicity is the best way to go. Especially when considering the user experience and the usability of your website. Below are ways to achieve simplicity through design:

Color has the power to dominate. It can communicate messages and evoke emotional responses. Finding a color palette that fits your brand is a priority. It will allow you to influence your customer’s behavior towards your brand. Keep the color selection limited to less than 5 colors. Complementary colors work very well. Pleasing color combinations increase customer engagement. This also makes the user feel good.


F-Shaped Pattern Reading

The F- based pattern is the most common way visitors scan on a website. Eye-tracking studies have found that most people see the top and left areas of the screen. The F shaped layout mimics our natural pattern of reading. Just like in the West: left to right and top to bottom. An effectively designed website will work with a reader’s natural pattern of scanning the page.


Fresh and Quality Content

Be succinct. Always be interesting and new. Use language that makes sense to your audience. Avoid jargons. Do not include corporate speak and acronyms. Explain your “Why.” Visitors have short attention spans. So be sure to spell correctly. Be relevant and update regularly. Blogs and social media updates are great ways to add fresh content. This keeps visitors returning. It also helps SEO strategy. Yes, keeping things fresh requires a bit of investment. No, you can’t do without it.


Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the arrangement of elements in order of importance. This is done through the following:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Imagery
  • Contrast
  • Typography
  • Whitespace
  • Texture
  • Style

One of the most important functions of visual hierarchy is to establish a focal point. This will show visitors where the most important information is.



Our team will breathe life into your website and tell your story. We are a family of creative practitioners in the areas of design, marketing and technology. Send us a message to find out more!


BrushPic Interview with Ben Persinger

BrushPic Interview with Ben Persinger 2560 2090 Michael Okai

Eva: “I would like to introduce you to Ben Persinger, Ben is the owner of Persinger construction. They provide amazing creative Renovations for home renovations, construction updates as well as investor Consultation Services.”

Eva: Hi Ben, I seen a lot of your work. And my first question for you is, where do you get your inspiration for your Renovations from?”

Ben: “I think probably the biggest thing is in kind of creating a useful space and and I like to bring you know, as far as much of the renovation part of things, I like to bring new life back in the old homes, that are kind of beat up or run-down and I bring new life to it. I think that’s probably the biggest area and kind of meshing it to the neighborhood in and bringing back value to the to the property. That’s really my probably one of the biggest things that I enjoy doing.”

Eva: “How do you get the ideas for something like the kind of backsplash?  Is this something The Client provided or is that something you came up with?”

Ben: “It’s a Collaboration a lot of time, so I work with a client on whatever the style of the home is and stuff like that a lot of it just kind of comes from over the years. I’ve just kind of picked up different things that I like and the different things that I pair together usually I’ll give the client some options and things like that. A lot of times it comes down to looking at the type of materials were working with like a countertop for working with the natural lighting at the house. Certain kinds of homes have better natural light. So I like to look at all that and I kind of take that full scope into into what we’re trying to do and if it’s like a ranch, kind of Farmhouse look then you kind of go One Direction, with your color tones and things like that. If it’s more modern or retro then we kind of design it to make those things are kind of pick materials that mesh with that. I get a lot of that just from from reading and observation, looking at what other people are building you know what the trends are.”


Watch the interview highlights on our youtube channel:


Eva: “How did you get started with Persinger construction.

Ben: “I started Persinger Construction  three years ago, that kind of came about because of another job that I had I was a project manager for another construction company and they ran out of some contracts so I needed to have a new new job and I didn’t really find anything that I was looking for so I decided to just get back into it. And yeah, I just I really love construction for real estate. I’ve been doing investment properties and all that stuff and I like working with people on it. So that’s kind of what inspired me to do it. As far as Construction goes, I’ve been building since I was you know, my early teens.”

Eva: “What does a typical project look like?”

Ben: “One of the most common sites is what you are looking at. So these are these are reskins of the whole whole house.  That’s probably my most common ones. We change all the bathrooms, sometimes we res sheet rock it. That depends on how how beat up the walls are. Re floor them and fix everything. Sometimes new heating electrical systems and new kitchens. That’s the main bulk of what I do is just re-vamps of the whole house a lot of the time.”

Eva: “I recently saw a video which they had an aquarium put into a wall and I was just wondering what is the most interesting request that you have received?”

Ben: “I’ve seen some pretty pretty far-out ones. We’ve done lots of things, I wouldn’t really know where to start with it. I mean home theater systems, like all kinds of really unique projects. Some of the decks are cool to wrap them around landscaping and other features in the house.”

Eva: “So you mentioned renovation trends, what are some of the latest trends and how do you and your team like to use them?”

Ben: “There’s different trains of thought and it really depends on the class of work that I’m doing. So there we have several different kind of lines of projects that we take on. We have some higher-end stuff for like an end-user homeowners and then we have investor grade projects. There’s different trends for different projects. One trend now is probably a lot of the greys and barn wood, wood flooring, stuff like that. Subway tiles have kind of come back in vogue and we’ve done a number of projects.”

Ben: “There’s a huge gamut, lighting changes a lot. We’re probably moving away more from the track lighting type stuff and moving more into flush mount light fixtures and you’ll see more of the Crystal Light, champagne glass, so I could I see a lot more of those kind of trends coming in right now, I always kind of look at the long-term hold of the property. It depends on if someone’s going to keep it or it’s going to be a rental or whatever. I try to not try to encourage us to not over stylize it to a certain specific thing. Unless you’re really going for like a hip vogue look, you know, or a really retro look then you got to do the whole thing that way because if you pick bits and pieces of it, it kind of feels a little disjointed and it also kind of falls out of style sooner especially for appliances.”

Ben: “You know, they have a special colors and shades of stain with some things like that. If it’s a rental you keep it for a long time and that’s how you know, when you can’t get that fridge anymore in that color and it’s a bummer, you know, if it dies on you than you got to figure out how to tell how to make that look good. I try to look at how long they’re planning on doing the renovations. Over a big long time span, you know, you want to do bathroom here than in the kitchen and whatever then you need to come and look at the overall like what they’re going to want the house look like in the end. So it’s not disjoining. You don’t look like you have a different vintage in each part of the house, you know,”

Eva: “Do you have any tips for us, renovation tips?”

Ben: “There is a lot of things you can do, although I’d say the best thing you can do, value for your buck wise is probably especially with the interior stuff – repainting, reflooring, things like that are relatively inexpensive options. They’re good for DIY-ers too you know, who delve into that stuff. You can do a lot of cool stuff with accent walls. I just refrain from going for it unless it’s something that you want to keep for a long time. Nice tasteful accent walls are great. You can do a lot with textures too.”

Ben: “Probably just get on Pinterest or Google images for different wall images. I just search for images of what I’m kind of looking for and figure out what terms to search for any kind of pallet wood walls and Barnwood. We need a lot of cheap inexpensive ways to update stuff and get yourself some inspiration to know if you got a fireplace or something, you know, you can do whitewash from brick and you can do all different kinds of things like that. You can do cool mantelpiece without really spending a huge amount of money.”

Eva: “Can you tell me about the work BrushPic did on your website?”

Ben: “It was one of those things. I wanted to be able to develop an add-on to as I kind of expand long-term ideas that I was working on and I tried working with some other outfits and that it just didn’t work. They were kind of out of state and just kind of corporate…but they were just weren’t really effective at getting what I need it because I had one created a number of years ago and it was just a disaster. They just didn’t meet my needs and it didn’t meld with what I’m trying to kind of create as a company and I would have had to do almost all the work myself to make the thing work and it was like I just don’t have the time and energy. That’s what kind of led me to check out BrushPic and have them work on my website. It’s been a great experience, as far as getting stuff done a lot of the holdup on everything was on my end.”

Eva: “What is BNI and what are some of the benefits you’ve experienced in the Connectors Chapter in Alaska?”

Ben: “BNI is a networking group for business owners in the chapter. I’m a general contractor in the connectors chapter and for me, it’s been a great way to meet other folks and network as far as that goes.”

Ben: “One way it’s really helped me a lot is it’s allowed me to serve my clients better. Through that, I mean it’s as far as having working relationships with all these other fields that I would not normally interface in my everyday constructionwork. I need a mortgage person if I need a website design, if I need whatever. I have lots of clients are business owners and maybe they’re complaining about something while I’m working on their house, frequently, I can help them solve other problems that they have in their business. BNI is also good for having a good reliable referral source like that that so that has been a big help.

Basically just allow me to serve my clients better. So it’s been a really positive thing for my company.

Eva: “What’s your favorite thing about Alaska?”

Ben: “The summers! It’s always nice going out. I can say my family likes to do that. I am usually fishing when I’m not working during the summers. So yeah, thats my favorite thing.”

Eva: “Thank you Ben.”

About the Interviewer

Eva Ohenewa Anno is the founder of BrushPic™. Eva is a multi talented digital artist and entrepreneur  with a  passion for helping others show up as their best version.

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